If you're rushing to build an MVP, don't put architecture at risk.

Agile development and DevOps processes are popular right now. Most well-run development organizations appear to have or are working to incorporate these processes into their culture. One guiding principle unites all Agile development processes: incremental software development. In their most basic form, agile methodologies focus on developing an MVP that will meet the needs of your business. 

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Pricing Model Comparison

DevPals strives to form long-term strategic partnerships with its clients. One of the most important questions is which business model to use to ensure both trusting relationships and flexibility in engagement requirements. To provide an accurate answer, the best business model must be based on a set of factors that must be classified based on specific use cases. It will define DevPals' and a client's working methodologies, delivery conditions, pricing, and other terms. We offer three business models based on the scope and duration of the project: Time and Material, a Dedicated Team, and a Fixed Rate.

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Automated Testing

Everyone recognizes the need of testing on a regular basis of web applications or services created, and hopefully, everyone does it. But do they truly succeed? Even a simple Python-written program can react in a variety of ways, some of which occur only in a rare and difficult to arrange scenario. Assume that before the initial release, every potential action was tested and the web application was validated. What about the next release, or even a "minor" change in the source code? The new or changed feature will undoubtedly be evaluated, but what about other, seemingly unconnected at first, features that could have been irreversibly broken by that tiny improvement? And the answer is Automated Testing.

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What to Keep in Mind Before Launching Startup

So you think you are ready for a startup? Then the proven statistics indicating that only 10% survive should not frighten you. If it does, you might want to shift your mindset and start thinking more deeply, because knowing exactly what flaws to expect could be your winning ticket. 

 Continue reading to learn what you should focus your efforts on before launching your startup.

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#COVID-19 is a huge global health issue, which in many cases overwhelmed he...

#COVID-19 is a huge global health issue, which in many cases overwhelmed healthcare institutions. Planning resources is very difficult in this climate because no one knows when the next wave will hit. However, scientists at #UCL say that online search act

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