TravelTech Trends Emerging in the Tourism Industry

After the waning of the Covid pandemic, the tourism industry starts to walk tall again. The World Tourism Organization, given the significant excess of the actual growth of the tourism sector compared to their forecast, believes that by the end of 2022, the tourism business will reach 70% of the 2019 rates (link). This is only an assumption, because the risks of further geopolitical unrest, economic recession, and rising energy prices remain high.

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Three Significant AI Applications In FinTech

The term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) refers to technology such as machine learning, deep neural networks, and other breakthroughs that are having a significant impact on virtually every sector of the economy. There has never been a time in FinTech when AI has had such a profound impact as it does today. 

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What’s new in Node.js 18?

The latest version of Node.js (link) , which was just released in April 2022, is brimming with helpful new features! Every developer will find these new features to be quite useful because they help improve productivity while also increasing performance. This post will discuss some of the important new features that you should start using if you are already operating an application on Node.js or if you want to begin building one from scratch. 

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What exactly is the big deal about Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is highly popular these days, and it's not just for show: it provides good abstractions for hosting many types of web applications and can scale to serve massive services. If you wish to deliver a dependable web service to your users, you must consider several factors:

  • What happens if one of the servers that hosts the service fails?
  • How can new software versions be reliably deployed without causing downtime?
  • How can we add computing resources as needed?
  • How can the service be made known to the public?

Kubernetes can assist you in resolving these and many other issues!

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Get It Right When Creating Your MVP

Agile and DevOps processes are popular and most well-run software development companies appear to have these processes or are working to incorporate them into their culture. One guiding principle unites all Agile processes: incremental software development. In their most basic form, Agile methodologies focus on developing an MVP that will meet the needs of your business. 

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