What to Keep in Mind Before Launching Startup

So you think you are ready for a startup? Then the proven statistics indicating that only 10% survive should not frighten you. If it does, you might want to shift your mindset and start thinking more deeply, because knowing exactly what flaws to expect could be your winning ticket. 

 Continue reading to learn what you should focus your efforts on before launching your startup.

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3 Reasons to Outsource IT Services

IT funds keep increasing each year. The rapid growth of the business sector and the evolution of technologies often require larger infrastructures that a company has in-house.

Businesses currently are looking for ways to replace their older operating systems by providing high-quality hardware and improving security setups to protect sensitive points and personal data.

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The Devil is in the Data: Overhauling the AI Ethical Challenge Education Approach

The Tandon School of Engineering of New York University is taking a new approach to educating the next generation of computer scientists and data scientists about the ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence.

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Swedish startup has won the first e-scooter trial in the UK

A Swedish micro-mobility company, Voi, is set to trial its first fleet of e-scooters in Cambridge. The UK government granted permission to legally ride e- scooters on the streets of London as a part of a 12-month trial.

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Ten promising Irish Artificial Intelligence startups in 2020

Ireland is one of the notable startup hubs in Europe that comes with relatively lower corporate taxes and regulations. Some Irish startups are delivering on cutting-edge AI technology for a variety of purposes. Here are curated some of these fast-growing Artificial Intelligence startups in Ireland.

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