Who we are?

DevPals is a dedicated professional team focused on value creation through software development. We will assist you in developing and integrating Big Data Analysis, AI, and Machine Learning into your business model. Our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of your company using cutting-edge digital tools.

DevPals executive team

Michael Katina
Alex Yankelevich
Michal Katina Chief Executive Officer BA in International Finance European Business School London MBA Tel Aviv University 
19 years of experience in Finance and Management
Alex Yankelevich Managing Partner MSc in Management New York University  Tandon School of Engineering 
20 years of experience in Management and Hi-Tech

DevPals Work Principles

If you take a team of trained technicians to do their best work, the result is a culture of high quality that prevails. We are creating such a strong culture by setting an example of "good code" writing, and by keeping to consistently higher standards. Critical specialization in the field of software development and the ability to develop useful skills sets in our developers create an influential culture where failure is not an option
The highest priority is to satisfy clients by delivering valuable software on time
Deliver working software frequently with a preference for shorter timeframes
Build projects around motivated professionals and put your trust in them to get the job done
Focusing on technological excellence and good design on a consistent basis improves agility

Some of DevPals projects

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Propeller Ads

AI-driven web-traffic optimization system


Business intelligence system integrated with CRM

Grand Capital

Data enrichment and conversion analysis platform


B2B vacation rentals global distribution system

DevPals locations

HQ Malmo, Sweden
Sales Stockholm, Sweden
Sales and R&D Riga, Latvia
R&D Tel Aviv, Israel

What's it like to work at DevPals

As the QA Engineer at DevPlas, I'm proud to be part of a professional team. I'm given tasks that are both challenging and interesting, and the project team communicates effectively. In addition, I'd like to point out that different points of view and suggestions are always considered and, in most cases, accepted during the product development.
I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work at DevPals. The internal processes are very well-designed, the team has a strong tech background and the projects are challenging. I'd like to highlight responsive and fair management, opportunities for professional growth, a loyal corporate policy, and a welcoming environment.
I'm glad to be a member of the DevPals team. I enjoy working in a warm, productive, and cohesive team environment. The management is open to discussion. DevPals is a great place to work and grow your career.
I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to the DevPals team! Here, I use a variety of recruiting sources and tools to evaluate international job markets and hire qualified professionals for our company. It's always a pleasure to work alongside true experts. I wish DevPals continued success and a loyal customer base.
It's a rapidly expanding company with a positive work environment. Clients and projects are both enjoyable to work on. Teammates are high-level professionals from whom there is always something to learn. The management team is open and willing to discuss any concerns. Remote working, flexible hours, corporate parties and gatherings, and so on. This is all about DevPals! 

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