Discovery Phase

We are fully aware that the development process involves more than simply producing high-quality code. The phase of preparation places an even greater emphasis on the end result. We are going to go over the pre-development phase in greater detail as our team works hard to deliver on the high performance that your audacious ideas demand.

Why do you need the Discovery Phase?

Clear vision ensures focused attention

Your market focus will influence all subsequent decisions throughout the product life cycle. To be successful, you must ensure that your product idea will address your target's needs and provide them with a dependable solution. This would be central to your vision, so let us first research the market.

A well-planned context reduces costly errors

We determine the complexities of your project's functionality during the Discovery Phase, including which tech stack, workflow, features to include, and the architecture. These are the alternatives that will save you money by avoiding extraneous components and pitfalls.

Estimating accurately saves time and money

Because you get an estimation outlook during the Discovery Phase, with all the process and functionality parts included, this will improve your budget planning. The direct relationship here emphasizes the ultimate goal of the preparation - estimating the time and cost of full-cycle product development.

Who benefits from the Discovery Phase?

Cost-effective Solution

Beginning with Bold Idea

Minimum Viable Product

Multiple Stakeholders

Discovery Phase Workflow

Project Evaluation

To define goals and objectives, we consult with all stakeholders. We define the future software vision in order to deliver efficient results by aligning expectations and deadlines.

Business Analysis

We create Ideal Customer Persona by defining the needs and image of the target audience. Then we conduct market research and investigate the competition.


Based on previous evaluation we define the features required to target. We determine the scope. The next step is to estimate the timeliness for each sprint. With this information, we calculate the idea's time and cost.

Technical Docs

All information gathered is added to the technical documentation, which includes architecture schemes, the stack, an overview of the services, dev methodology. It then serves as the starting point for the development process.
Discovery Phase FAQ
How long will it take to complete the Discovery Phase?
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What exactly does it mean when a service is "delivered"?
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What follows the Discovery Phase?
Why does DevPals embrace the Discovery Phase?

Get the ball rolling on the Discovery Phase with the help of DevPals' experts!

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