DevPals offers top-tier IT solutions, saving efforts, and ensuring success for travel-tech companies

Why is DevPals the ideal solution for you?

DevPals solution is ideal for new and ongoing projects, as well as for companies that already have well-managed teams but need to scale it up quickly. DevPals is a full-stack development firm with travel-tech experienced engineers who can help you in resolving business issues.

Why Should You Work With DevPals?

DevPals is regarded as one of the most reliable and experienced software development firms, not only because of its extensive R&D Division but also for the following reasons:

Qualified Specialists

We have a large development team that delivers high-quality solutions that can be tailored to our clients' business goals.

Cost Effective Process

Our hourly rates are less expensive than those in the EU. Our services also eliminate the need for new infrastructure, office space, salaries, and training.

Partner You Can Trust

We value long-term client relationships and provide complete project transparency from the start.

Case Study

Case Study | VacAgent GDS
VacAgent is a travel-tech company, offering a Global Distribution System for professionally managed vacation rentals.
VacAgent helps travel agents book professionally managed vacation rentals faster, cheaper, and more efficiently by closing the demand-supply gap. VacAgent connects vacation rental management companies and travel agencies all over the world through a technologically advanced multi-functional platform.
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