Do you need to start from scratch or improve an existing product?
DevPals will work collaboratively with you to realize your vision and guarantee the best possible, yet cost-effective outcome!
Why DevPals?
In addition to custom software development, we serve as an IT outstaffing firm. We will supplement your in-house development team with remote specialists who will be officially employed by us but will be 100% committed to your project.

Full-service partner

We'll work with you from the conception of the vision to the completion of the product

Cost-effective and quick delivery

Quality versus cost and time. We get your product to market as soon as possible while keeping costs to a minimum

Extensive domain knowledge

We'll create your innovative product based on your vision, whether you require an MVP or a complex AI system
What is the benefit of DevPals consulting?
There could be a number of problems with the software. They range from minor inconveniences and final solution failures that have a negative impact on business to the implementation of a deficient or completely incorrect solution, which always results in significant money and time wasted. We are prepared to provide expert advice to assist you in avoiding costly rework. We will propose solutions to mitigate identified issues and risks, improve overall software quality, or resurrect and complete a troubled project!
Let's talk business!

Alex Yankelevich, Managing Partner | +46766920971

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