Marketing and Sales Automation

Time spent on marketing and sales routine tasks can be significantly reduced thanks to advanced automation tools, giving teams more time to talk to prospects and improve the overall sales process. Marketing and sales automation are two of the most critical aspects of business optimization.

DevPals integrates automation on three levels

Web content management
Lead generation bots are chatbots
Measure lead quality and ROI
Lead nurturing via messaging triggers
Account-Based Marketing
Improve the lead-to-sales process
Content strategy
Campaigns execution
Analytics that drive business decisions
Lead scoring and CRM database
Alerts that tell you when and how to follow-up
Easy quotation and documentation approval
Revenue tracking, reporting and analytics

The Benefits of Using DevPals to Build Your Own Complex Sales and Marketing Automation Software

Can be customized to meet your business needs
Your business has complete control over soft and data
Your business has power over privacy and security

Other Considerations

What is the ongoing upgrade in maintenance costs?
Will future business needs continue to match software built?
How much business productivity will be lost inbuilt time?
Does the business have proper bandwidth to meet volume demands?
Does the system have the proper capacity for images?
Will the custom-build software keep up with industry trends?
Through a continuous cycle of testing, refining, and receiving feedback, marketing and sales automation ensures that workflows are always evolving and expanding for maximum impact and efficiency. While your team focuses on strategy, creativity, and content, the DevPals tools enable you to significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and revenue generation. We adore technology because it embodies its inherent elegance and worth.

Allow DevPals to boost your company's competitiveness with advanced digital tools.

Don't postpone it any longer. Contact us and we'll work together to get it done.

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