Internet Of Things

DevPals with IoT can help your business become more responsive and streamline operations, as well as find innovative ways to work as part of its digital transformation efforts. We advise, develop and implement IoT systems that are tailored specifically to your objectives.

Processes of a simple IoT infrastructure


covers the type of data source, and the way informations is captured


to the cloud, or first to a gateway and then to the cloud using GPRS


in the cloud of IoT supplier or sent via API to the user's cloud


from the cloud, the data can be reported and visualised in defferent forms or via app programming interface to an existing reporting tools


once data is reported, it can provoke a positive change in the form of a physical input or an automated response back via IoT infrastructure
Once the data is captured and accurately transferred and stored and reported, it re-launches itself in a variety of forms to cause the desired positive change.
IoT by DevPals
DevPals can show how your business connects new insightful ways to IoT, from increasing process efficiency to providing better customer experience to generating new revenue streams.

IoT impacts on many business domains

For Recruitment

Use IoT to bring a digital dimension of your business recruitment process. Instead of spending your HR team time on revolving applicants, let them spend it using advanced IoT solutions to build strong ties with the talents provided to your business.

For Logistic

Track stock as it dives into a warehouse or shipments to customers has made supervision more manageable through IoT integration. You can automate a lot of the shipping process with that information, and make sure there are no lost shipments or unexpected hold-ups.

For Real Estate

Professionals in the real estate business operate, collect, store, use and learn about their data. IoT is a great choice for keeping going so informatively. Increase occupancy, enhance tenant experience, apply IoT analytics to gain a competitive edge.

For Insurance

Accumulate ongoing data, embrace usage-based predictions, predictive analytics and other IoT risk management tools to disrupt conventional revenue streams and bring your business to the next level.

For FinTech

Improve IoT Risk Management. Gain in real-time data financing, estimate the flow of customer transactions, analyze their assets and manage smart decision-making data. Data collection will amplify your business.

For E-commerce

Improve inventory management, so your customers can cooperate better with your business. Use the IoT attitude to provide real data about the stock of goods to clients. Supervising your company's catalogue properly with IoT.

Let DevPals enhance the competitive edge of your business with advanced digital tools.

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