Business Intelligence

DevPals with IoT can help your company become more responsive, streamline operations, and find innovative ways to work as part of its digital transformation efforts. We provide advice, design, and implementation of IoT systems that are specifically tailored to your business objectives.

How DevPals adds value through BI consulting

The precise structure and well-planned life cycle of DevPals' BI project can safeguard your business.

Improve access to data

There are still some areas where data retrieval is slowed due to poor access. Before the database can achieve the performance level required of a real-time system, we will improve these access paths.

Get insights on business processes

Analyzing semi-structured process execution is critical for increasing the effectiveness of business operations. Our goal is to improve semi-structured process management by providing improved semi-automated visibility into the behavior and runtime management of their execution through the use of process intelligence and process-aware analytics.

Improve productivity

As hidden inefficiencies exist at every stage of the software development life cycle, increasing productivity has been one of the most persistent challenges in software development. We understand how to boost productivity by taking practical steps that are applicable to any piece of software we develop, regardless of the methodology.

Increase revenues

You probably already have what it takes to be successful. However, if you are still having difficulty increasing your income, DevPals' tactics are based on personal experience. We've already assisted dozens of businesses in their expansion. That's why we believe these revenue-boosting strategies will be beneficial to you as well.

Accelerate growth

The expansion that drives a company's first act will eventually reach its natural limits. We understand how to keep or accelerate their growth trajectory.
Business Intelligence from DevPals is critical to crucial business analysis and evaluation metrics, allowing managers to make more informed strategic decisions. While we focus entirely on design, development, and implementation, our team is working on a roadmap for your specific organization that will keep you focused on your core business.

Other potential benefits of DevPals BI tools

Boosting decision-making and operational efficiency
Gaining a competitive advantage over business rivals
Assisting business in identifying market trends
Spotting business problems that need to be addressed

DevPals BI Expertise

01. Data visualisation
02. Upgrading existing BI tools
03. Data warehousing and ETL
04. Integration and augmentation of third-party solutions
05. Integrating BI capabilities into existing systems
06. Development of enterprise mobility BI solution

Allow DevPals to improve your company's competitiveness by implementing advanced Business Intelligence tools. Don't postpone it any longer. Contact us and we'll work together to get it done.

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