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Top 5 Internet Of Things Trends

As the internet expanded, new devices were connected to it. These new devices included phones, as well as various pieces of office and manufacturing machinery, such as scanners and printers. The term IoT was coined to describe the network of physical objects that can now be connected to the internet.
This includes almost any device that people use in their offices, homes, factories, or even just wear on their bodies.IoT is a trend that is propelling society's ongoing digitization and datafication in a variety of novel and amazing ways. This is because IoT enables people to connect their everyday objects to the internet. These networks of interconnected things make it possible for things like autonomous manufacturing robots, self driving vehicles, and remote medical devices that enable to diagnose patients and even perform surgeries from a distance. In point of fact, Ericsson forecasts that there will be approximately 29 billion of these devices connected to the Internet across the globe by the year 2022. With that in mind, let take a look at some of the most important drivers and innovations in this field in the year 2022:

Edge Networking

Instead of sending the data through the network to a centralized data center, the processing and analysis are done at the edge of a network. This way data will be accessed and analyzed in near real-time in order to react quickly.

Remote Operations

In response to the pandemic, many manufacturers and distributors had to conduct digital transformation to adapt to new regulations requiring remote working.

Predictive Maintenance

With the right data, companies can track key indicators of equipment and machinery wear to predict and prevent unplanned downtime and expensive maintenance.

IoT Empowering Digital Twins

Visualizing all data points from connected sensors in digital twin format allows a more holistic view of the performance of the physical object and provides insights of potential issues.

Advanced Data Analytics

As the amount of data increases, advanced solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will improve the processing of vast amounts and varied data structures.

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