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VoIP Software Development: Latest Trends to Follow

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry has grown from a niche market to widely used software solutions in the last decade. Based on the research VoIP global market will reach $117 billion by the end of 2022. Increasing security concerns, the death of traditional telephones and the flexibility of VoIP development solutions greatly influence the rise of building custom VoIP software. This article briefly outlines the importance of qualitative VoIP software development for the future of various industries and defines key trends in this market. 

Custom VoIP Solution in a Nutshell

Before we discuss VoIP trends, let’s briefly define the key principles of its work. VoIP is the opposite technology of outdated phone calls. When the business grew, managing the whole communication with clients, partners and teams often became complicated. Here is when you need to improve the communication software and switch from traditional calls to the advanced solution. VoIP custom software provides additional features like SMS, call transcriptions, and business accounts for advanced call management. One of the most prominent benefits of implementing VoIP solutions instead of traditional phones is that you can call from anywhere using your hardware and internet connection. The simple VoIP solutions everyone knows are Skype or WhatsApp. But in the following paragraphs, we will highlight the importance of custom VoIP development matching your business needs. 

Why Does Your Company May Need Custom VoIP solution?

If you already understand the importance of switching to VoIP software for your business, the next step will be to define specific business goals that may require custom software development. For example, you may need call recording, data analysis, or online meeting features. Moreover, you also may need real-time tracking of users' activity or analysis of the call loads. In any case, first, you analyze your business strategy and understand what data you need. Then discuss with specialists what VoIP solution they will recommend for your needs. 

Trends in VoIP custom software solutions

It is essential for many different industries to develop bespoke solutions for the requirements of business. Let's talk about the advantages of utilizing VoIP custom software as well as the most recent trends in software development that are influencing the market.

AI-driven Features

Technologies that make use of AI have the potential to enhance the quality of calls and provide real-time monitoring of connections. It is able to identify areas of poor quality and make improvements to those areas in real time, all without any intervention from a human operator. Voice technology, which enables computers to communicate with humans using natural speach, is yet another popular application of Artificial Intelligence. Over the course of the past few years, this feature has undergone significant development.

Integration with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) also relies on communication and internet connection, using Internet Protocol to ensure better functionality. For example, it can be used in smart house solutions to improve home security control. For example, IoT technology can check what's in the fridge and send a list of groceries to the owner's mobile phone, or a vehicle management system sends you a text message when you need to visit an auto repair shop. 

In-app Integrated Communication

Another trend that shapes the VoIP industry is integrating software with all apps your business uses. It can be annoying to switch between apps when you need to write a message instead of calling your client. That is why in-app integration has become an important feature for VoIP custom development. 

Numbers Portability

It is critical for users to be able to save the number and data even when they switch between providers. It is even more important in building customer relationships when you have a history and analysis of all the communications connected to the specific project and account number. 

Focus on VoIP security

The next trend is ensuring that custom VoIP protects communication from malware attacks or phishing scams. There are a lot of various ways to protect software from possible attacks, and you can choose the best for your business needs. 


The industry of VoIP has considerable potential, as it optimizes work processes and makes communication more efficient. The latest tech trends, such as AI, machine learning, and IoT, influence this industry greatly and make development even faster. If VoIP is something new for your business, we hope our short intro will help define if you need such a custom solution for achieving your goals. 

If you want to discuss the development of VoIP software based on your specific business, please contact our specialists.

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