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#COVID-19 is a huge global health issue, which in many cases overwhelmed he...

#COVID-19 is a huge global health issue, which in many cases overwhelmed healthcare institutions. Planning resources is very difficult in this climate because no one knows when the next wave will hit. However, scientists at #UCL say that online search act

ivity can help predict peaks of COVID-19 a couple of weeks in advance because people begin searching for symptoms.

At the beginning of the first wave of COVID-19 news about the disease was everywhere. As time went on interest in COVID-19 sizzled out – it became old news. And yet waves kept coming and people were looking for information online. Scientists say that this kind of activity can become an early indicator of a coming pandemic wave.

Researchers created a model based on COVID-19 symptoms in internet search activity. Then scientists applied their model in several countries, including the UK, USA, Italy, Australia and South Africa, and found that the same patterns appeared.

This means that their model was able to detect the coming peak 17 days in advance. Of course, this information is extremely useful in dealing with COVID-19, but the same model will be helpful in dealing with future pandemics as well.

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