Artificial Intelligence

AI is a powerful technology that can be used across industries to make traditional methods more sustainable and cost-effective. DevPals has developed artificial intelligence tools to help its clients transform strategic and operational approaches in order to improve services and efficiency for their end users.

What DevPals Offers

DevPals offers software tools that simplify and automate data preparation, as well as accelerate iterative building and deployment of AI models to drive improved business outcomes, allowing clients to accelerate AI-driven business outcomes and overcome deployment challenges. Before using AI tools, you must first ensure that your organization's data "house" is in order. This is how we will get you started on the path to a clean data warehouse.

Identifying the specific business problem that you want to solve with AI and gathering data from appropriate sources to do so.
To prepare your data with metadata tags in order to drastically reduce the time required to find relevant data that is correctly synced and linked to all of the sets you will be using.
To identify any type of customer-sensitive data in order to keep it safe and in compliance with all applicable regulations.
To retrieve data sets from your repository, transport to a development environment, and keep track of where and from where they came.
To identify all of the pre-processing steps required to prepare the data for prediction, use the data subset for which you already know the response to the prediction activity.
To compute accuracy scores that will give you the confidence to apply the same model to previously unseen data.
Once we've developed a model that solves your business issues, you can apply it to new data, which will necessitate some ongoing data housekeeping.
Running AI-infused applications to achieve superior business performance is critical for the enterprise and necessary for digital transformation efforts. DevPals embraces AI infrastructure, using it for predictive analytics and valuable insights before gradually introducing task automation once data reliability and quality are established.

Allow DevPals to improve your company's competitiveness by implementing advanced AI tools.

Don't postpone it any longer. Contact us and we'll work together to get it done.

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